March 18, 2023

Santana - Balboa Stadium, San Diego 1974

Santana at the Balboa Stadium in San Diego, a band whose inspired musicianship transpires throughout the performance.
Most of the material is from Abraxas, the rightly praised Santana album released in 1970.

I made some tweaks to this recording: 
- Applied high frequencies equalization to the right channel in order to make it a bit closer to the left that sounds excellent.
- Corrected, as possible, the balance between left and right channels.
- Removed several noise peaks, probably introduced in the CD ripping process as shown in the graphic.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
1 - Going Home
2 - Incident At Neshabur
3 - Black Magic Woman
4 - Gypsy Queen
5 - Oye Como Va
6 - Samba Pa Ti
7 - Toussaint L'Overture 
8 - Soul Sacrifice


Derek said...

Abraxas remains Carlos Santana's masterpiece. Thanks for this,
Greetings from Paris,

titus luxor said...

Damn! those noise peaks were my favourite bits :)

AtticRock said...

I still have Abraxas on vinyl, played it a few times :)
Titus, those were unique peaks but now are lost, sorry.

titus luxor said...

I'm with you...kill those pesky peaks. How was Large BTW? too big? (just for future reference)

AtticRock said...

Yes, unfortunately this L is too large for me.

titus luxor said...

you need to eat more!