May 14, 2022

Little Charlie & The Nightcats LIVE Bluesmore Festival Festival Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2002



Bluesmore Festival  

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 


One of the best California's band that emerged from Sacramento in the 80ies...

It did not come with any infos so date is approximated  

Some of the tracks were on  Thats Big  album that came out in 2002

so I used that as a reference


01 - Smart Like Einstein.mp3
02 - Wrap It Up.mp3
03 - Weekend Off.mp3
04 - I Know She Used To Be Your Woman.mp3
05 - Desperate Man.mp3
06 - Eyes Like A Cat.mp3
07 - That's Big.mp3
08 - My Next Ex-Wife.mp3
09 - Instumental - I'll Take You Back.mp3
10 - Dump That Chump.mp3
11 - Buzzsaw.mp3
12 - Hurry Up and Wait.mp3


192  kbs  copy 

is all I ever seen for this great show


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Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this.

diamonddave said...

Don't see many boots of these guys, and they're real good IMHO. Thanks you very much for sharing. Cheers DD

Rippin Frog said...

u welcome
I believe I have a rick estrin & the nightcats stash somewhere!
ill post one of them days !