July 30, 2021

Rolling Stones Hillside Blues

Rolling Stones   
Hillside Blues

Unreleased Stones stuff here 
Considered by some one of their best studio recordings from that period

This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace.
 It is not permitted to sell this item  
so Im giving it away@ LOL


01 Jiving Sister Fanny (London, Olympic Sound Studios 1969)
02 I'm Going Down (Los Angeles, Elektra Studios 1969)
03 I Don't Know Why (London, Olympic Sound Studios 1969)
04 Downtown Suzie (London, Olympic Sound Studios 1969)
05 Blood Red Wine (London, Olympic Sound Studios 1968)
06 Family (London, Olympic Sound Studios 1968)
07 Still A Fool (London, Olympic Sound Studios 1968)
08 Dancing In The Light (London, Olympic Sound Studios 1970)
09 Who Am I? (London, Olympic Studios 1970)
10 Trident Jam (London, Olympic Studios 1970)
11 Hillside Blues (Los Angeles, Sunset Sound Studios 1969)
12 Highway Child (Redlands 1968)
13 I Ain't Lying (Villefranche sur-mer, Villa Nellcote 1971)




Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this.

Rhodb said...

Great share thanks for the chance to hear these tunes


Hank59 said...

Thank you so much for this. I didn't know about this album - it's amazing. According to Discogs, it seems to be a double album with some more tracks on it. Would be great to get the missing stuff too. But anyway a big big thanks and have a nice weekend.

Rippin Frog said...

u welcome all
hank file came this way so it is what it is for now if ever run into a bigger version Ill upgrade the post but might be a long shot

daba said...

Thanks again Ripin' Frog! :)