June 16, 2021

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals - Paleo Festival, Switzerland 2015

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals at the Paléo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland, where he was a regular guest between 1994 and 2008. In 2015 he returned after a 7 year break.
This recording comes from the broadcast on Swiss radio station SRF3 with DJ talk and station IDs edited out. Not by me, I prefer to have all the stuff.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 Diamonds On The Inside
02 Don't Take That Attitude to Your Grave
03 Glory & Consequence
04 Burn to Shine
05 Steal My Kisses
06 Homeless Child
07 Roses From My Friends
08 Forgiven
09 With My Own Two Hands
10 Ground on Down (cut)


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this.

wolf1303 said...

fantastic sound and part of a concert. a clear 10 in my opinion.THANK YOU

ifmanisfive said...

Wow, my torrent from Dime shared on Soundaboard!
I'm glad to contribute to this great site in this way.
Sorry about the edits, AtticRock, but I think even you wouldn't like to hear lengthy comments in Swiss German every time you listen to this.

AtticRock said...

Hi ifmanisfive!
Many shares originated from dime have been here, though I think this one was sent to me directly most probably by someone that got it there :)
I like to have the full radio recording experience and if necessary clean it myself as good as the edits are done. I know most of the people will prefer your way.
Thanks for the comment and the recording of course!

ifmanisfive said...

You are very welcome!
I really appreciate what you guys are doing with this site.