October 26, 2011

Radio Birdman - Live in Sidney, 1976

Still in Australia, now with Radio Birdman, one of the first punk rock bands in this country and also one of the most influential on future generations.
This one was recorded at Double Jay Studio, Sydney and many of you will recognize tracks like TV Eye or Transmaniacon MC, in fact this band used to play a lot of B.O.C., Stooges and MC5 songs in their sets.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - Route 66
02 - Murder City Nights
03 - Don't Look Back
04 - Anglo Girl Desire
05 - Man With Golden Helmet
06 - Love Kills
07 - TV Eye
08 - Surf City
09 - Hand Of Law
10 - New Race
11 - Transmaniacon M.C
12 - Burn My Eye
13 - Descent Into The Maelstrom
14 - Time Won't Let Me
15 - I 94
16 - Do The Pop
17 - Descent Into The Maelstrom *
18 - Death By The Gun *
19 - Snake *

Recorded November 23, 1976 except * March, 1976.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, wished you used megaupload or some other faster service but still, a cool share you gave

AussieRock said...

Thanks for this great Aussie Post

Love ya blog

Cheers from DownUnder

jack candy said...

good that he did NOT use megaupload

Jack Candy said...

Must be an american bootleg, because Sydney is written with "i". ;-)

Anonymous said...

thank you , this is one of the best birdman's boot. I was looking after it for a long time. Mons

Peter said...

Please correct the spelling? Sydney is spelt thus, not with an "i". Thanks, Peter (Sydney).

Peter said...

Could you please correct the spelling in the title? Sydney is spelt thus, not with an "i". Thanks, Peter (Sydney).

AtticRock said...

Hi Peter, the post title reflects the cover of this release.

Anonymous said...

Link Dead

Anonymous said...

Live Radio Birdman...don't see much of this around (or any, for that matter). Could you please add this to the list of re-ups at some point? Would love to add this to my collection. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind...I did a google search and found it someplace else...anyoneone else who wants it can find it here:

santino said...

thanks a lot-- excellent!