December 1, 2019

Hot Tuna - San Francisco 2019

Here's how to start the month in great style, or in other words: Christmas came earlier.
So what we have here is a soundboard recording of a very recent Hot Tuna show in electric form, from October 5, 2019 at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.
This legendary group has been celebrating their 50th anniversary playing shows in acoustic and electric format on a US tour during this year.
Musicians: Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady and Justin Guip.
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Check Tuna's tour dates here
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Special thanks to Vinegar Joe and OldNeumanntapr for sharing the files.

Track List:
01. introduction
02. Been So Long
03. Hesitation Blues
04. Ode For Billy Dean
05. Baby What You Want Me To Do?
06. Roads And Roads
07. Sea Child
08. Trial By Fire
09. Bow Legged Woman, Knock Kneed Man
10. Hit Single #1
11. Come Back Baby

FLAC - mirror


mwilson said...

Thanks for the hot tuna

drogos said...

yes you're right Santa Claus comes earlier. Many thanks for sharing and congratulations for the work you do to keep your blog alive.
Happy Christmas to you and all music lovers.
Best regards,

Bennett said...

Thank you!!!