September 12, 2018

The Pogues ‎– Greenland Whale Fisheries

The Pogues were a traditional Irish/Brtish folk music band with punk influences fronted by the charismatic Shane MacGowan.
Greenland Whale Fisheries, is a song from their first album Red Roses For Me and also the title for this unofficial release which has  recordings from two shows:
From the 10th of May 1985 at the Rockmagasmet in Orebro, Sweden (with tracks 1 to 13) and on the 18th of December 1984 at the Labour Club, Newport, Wales.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: LP (Radio/Soundboard)

Track List:
01 Repeal Of The Licensing Laws
02 The Boys From The County Hell
03 Whiskey You're The Devil
04 Transmetropolitan
05 A Pair Of Brown Eyes
06 Dark Streets Of London
07 Streams Of Whiskey
08 Sally MacLennane
09 Navigator
10 Battle Of Brisbane
11 Poor Paddy
12 Waxie's Dargle
13 Muirshin Durkin
14 Greenland Whale Fisheries
15 Repeal Of The Licensing Laws
16 The Boys From The County Hell
17 Whiskey You're The Devil
18 Kitty
19 Dingle Regatta
20 Muirshin Durkin
21 Poor Paddy
22 The Battle Of Brisbane
23 Waxie's Dargle
24 Streams Of Whiskey
25 Dark Streets Of London
26 Sally MacLennane



Anonymous said...

This looks interesting but there seems to be malware involved somehow. Perhaps the download site?

AtticRock said...

Yes, nothing's wrong with the file itself.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of posting it somewhere else? My security software won't allow me to go to that page.

AtticRock said...

Ok, I made mirror links.

Roland Hodges said...

Hi There, thanks very much for loading this.

I cannot get tracks 3 and 7 to play? Any ideas? Thanks again

AtticRock said...

They should be good now.