August 18, 2018

DOUBLE DECKER Stevie Ray Vaughan LIVE Midtfyns Festival 1988-07-01 Stubb's Barbecue, Dec 1978 -

Break is over !
so Im kicking this back in high gear 
 with a fan favorite double decker offering!
Or should I say double TROUBLE?? LOL

Midtfyns Festival 1988-07-01
Denmark  FM  

Scuttle Buttin'
Say What!
Lookin' Out The Window
Look At Little Sister
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love
Tell Me
Willie The Wimp
Cold Shot
Couldn't Stand The Weather
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Announcer Thanks Band
Radio Interview


Stubb's Barbecue,  Dec  1978 -

This early SRV show is just awesome! 
getting  a hint of  greatness yet to come
SRV first met Stubb when he was in his late teens.
He would regularly play at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q joint in Lubbock.
Stories abound about SRV regularly blowing his earnings, stranding himself in Lubbock.
Stubb would always empty his cash register and give all that he had to SRV so the kid could get back home to Austin.

Stevie Ray guitar-vocals
Lou Ann Barton Vocals
unknow drums
Jack Newhouse bass
Johnny Reno Sax

01 Guitar Hurricane
02 Tin Pan Alley
03 Thunderbird
04 Lost Your Good Thing Now
05 Shake For Me
06 Tell Me
07 (Rumba)
08 I'll Change
09 Call On Me (may be called "Umph!")
10 Hip Shake Baby
11 Stangs Swang
12 (Jazzy Instrumental)
13 Woke Up This Mornin
14 My Baby She's Gone (may be called "Now Be Careful")
15 I'm Crying
16 I've Tried Pretty Baby
17 Hug You Squeeze You
18 Rude Mood
19 Hideaway


Issues with the file? 


KR said...

In 1978 Stubb was in Lubbock not Austin. So the location for the Stubb's show should be Lubbock. Thanks for sharing!

Frito Bandito said...

I've tried all three of your links and still can't retrieve the SRV files. I've read your explanation for issues, but I believe I'm current. There are simply no files to open. Does this make sense?

I truly appreciate your site and hard work. Thank You!

analogkid610 said...

Thankx for SRV

Rippin Frog said...

@ fritto
winrar 5.60 is the version i use
u the first one that cant get it to work after readint the instructions... as fas as I know
not sure how i can help

muddyw123 said...

Tx Maestro!

Jason said...

@ fritto
Had the same problem with Peazip despite it being up to date. Then I noticed that the first Denmark FLAC rar had an extra period in the filename between the date and "part1". The part2 file didn't have the extra character so I renamed the first file sans the period. Was then able to extract starting with part1 successfully.

Rippin Frog said...

good catch !