May 28, 2018

Little tekie update

To WHOM it may concern:

I got a new laptop and got the latest version of winrar here
Cant open my post lately?
 the problem is that my files are in Rar 5 format which is not compatible with Rar 4 format that many people still use.
If you use an old version of 7-Zip it doesn't work also.
so PLS update your zipper apps !   
Updates are just a way of net life !
thnks and sorry for any inconveniences


Anonymous said...

Thanks. That explains why I've been getting error messages when trying to expand the files.
For anyone with a Mac, Unarchiver is available free in the Apple App Store and will
work on 7-zip files.

Thanks for the Taj Mahal. Glad to finally get it. No other sites have it as I've been
checking them hoping to find it.

Rippin Frog said...

kewl but thnks to Attic for figuring out what was the problem !
I didnt realize the new version of winrar was so different !

Anonymous said...

If updates are so part of the net than all of us windows users would have Windows 10...Like it or not. I will stick with 7 until they kill it.
That having been said back to here thanks for all the great shares.