January 31, 2017

VJ Pack 2: Barclay James Harvest

VJ Pack 2 is here with two Barclay James Harvest shows from the eighties.
Special Thanks to Vinegar Joe who sent them this way.

Barclay James Harvest
Palais Omnisports De Paris Bercy
Paris 27 May 1987

Source: Audience

Link part1 - mirror
Link part2 - mirror

Barclay James Harvest
Amsterdam, Holland

Source: FM Broadcast

Link - mirror


Anonymous said...

Love me some BJH! Thanks for sharing the radio show...looking forward to hearing!

Any chance that it could be posed to Zippy? Uploaded limits BW, is sometimes infected with ads/malware and can time out during peak times (so you have to try again, but need to wait 3 hours before doing so).

Anyway, thanks for this!

AtticRock said...

Ok, I added mirrors on filefactory.

MisterManiac said...

Nice post. BJH is by far my favorite "Mellotron" band (aside from the all-powerful Moodies). Not much of a fan after of the material they did after Woolly left (except Berlin, which was recorded in 1980), but these look promising.

Have to agree with Anonymous...Zippyshare is by far the best platform available for downloading (unless you are a "member" of a particular site). But FF is good too. Regardless, thanks for making these shows available and for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the file for the '84 radio show is broken/corrupt on both servers.

AtticRock said...

The FF archive is fine

Anonymous said...

This Amsterdam concert is certainly one of the best bootlegs from BJH. Very good FM quality broadcast and a nice setlist.
Thanks for sharing to the internet world,
Derek from Paris,

birdynl said...

Sorry, but the FF archive is not fine some file's are corrupt.
I agree with the zippyshare statement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for sharing the barclay james harvest shows!!
I_m searching BJH shows from 1981/82 and from the XII tour 1978/79

Anonymous said...

Part 2 from Barclay james harvest paris did not work!please can you re up?thank you

AtticRock said...

The mirror link was broke, the other is fine.

Anonymous said...

Yes i can download the uploaded file but the zip failed.i can not open part 2 of the paris show!

AtticRock said...

Ok, I made a new mirror.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for re up part 2!It works!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I can download the uploaded file París 1987 part2, but the Part1 zip failed.I can not open part 1 of the 1987 paris show, Thank you!!!