May 3, 2015

The Rolling Stones Paris Match April 1965

The Rolling Stones    Paris Match  April 1965

 Well for something  from 1965, sound is quite good !!
 50 years later... Jagger's harp playing hasnt improved much  LOL
I believe Track 13 and up are from a later show 1967 maybe
thats the way I got this a while back 
from a now defunct blog called "collectors-only.blogs"


 1. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

2. Around And Around

3. Off The Hook

4. Time Is on My Side

5. Carol

6. It's All Over Now

7. Little Red Rooster

8. Route 66

9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love

10. The Last Time

11. I'm Alright

12. Craw-Dad

13. Paint It Black

14. 19th Nervous Breakdown

15. Lady Jane

16. Get Off Of My Cloud

16. Yesterday's Papers

17. Under My Thumb

18. Ruby Tuesday

19. Let's Spend the Night Together

20. Going Home

21. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

22. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

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Anonymous said...

What is this guy talking talking about? Mick was, and is, an amazingly good harp player! That boy has the blues vibe running through every fiber of his body. If it weren't for The Stones, most blues players would have remained, forever, in obscurity and the entire genre owes a debt to the The Rolling Stones for the very fact that this music still remains in people's hearts to this day. Other music comes and goes, but the blues will remain forever...

Thanks for sharing!

Tommy Ross said...

Keith said during an interview (I believe it's on 25 x 5 documentary) that when Jagger is playing harp it's the only time you're hearing the pure unadulterated Mick Jagger ;-)

Anonymous said...

Chances are, if you're hearing a harp from one these early shows, it could be Brian (as indicated in the picture included here.) Be that as it may, I really love this download! Great sound for a show from the era (captured on who knows what?) For me, the original Rolling Stones are that ones who live on dearest in my heart. Those boys were something else!

Cheers, Robbo

Anonymous said...

I still thing jagger cant play harp LOl
Thats my comment :0
but its a free world we can think what we want!
glad you enjoy the post... if not my comment/opinion :)
Rippin Frog

Anonymous said...

Those shows have been recorded in 65 and 67 by AM radio Europe 1, and aired the sunday of the same week, in a radio show called musicorama.
Later, after year 2000, this radio re-aired a lot of extracts from the numerous musicorama of the 60's years. Among them, some songs from these 2 shows. But,as Europe1 brodcast now in FM,quality is better. So you understand why quality of some songs varies : missing parts in FM have been replaced by the old& high fréquency cut AM sound of the 60's!
For the april 11,1967 show, Geno Washington ,the smoke ,and the Move, performed just before the stones. I have a 1967 tape somewhere, but the sound is of course not as good as these mp3 files.

Anonymous said...

link no longer works 10-14-17.