May 2, 2015

Hook Herrera & The Hitchhikers LIVE Cafe Boogaloo, October 16, 2008

Born and raised in east San Jose. Influenced by the great concerts in the Bay Area and all the music within my own family. The a.m. radio at the time brought us Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, BB King and Donny Hathaway in the same half hour. My family brought me homegrown pure folklorico music from Mexico. Dancing and playing and singing. Mix it all together and you get bands like War, Santana and Tower of Power – which are all heavy influences into how I think of rhythms and music.
I started out on the accordion. A great big one. Bigger than me. I had to pull it around in my red wagon and have someone put it on me once I sat down. That’s how big. Soon my brother Dennis was turning my head with the guitar and blues a la Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones. I graduated to rhythm guitar so my brother could practice his leads. Jimmy Reed all day for me. Then I saw an old cat play harmonica in the greyhound bus stations. Went out and mowed lawns all day one Saturday till I had $2.75 to get a marine band ‘c’ harmonica from Langone’s music store on Alum Rock Ave. next to Chuck’s Hobby Shop and across the street from Peter’s Bakery. I played it to everything. Everything on the radio. Everything I heard. I played along. In key or not. I played. I got a rack and played guitar and harp and was the neighborhood jukebox getting called onto friends porches and lawns to play a song.

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Hook Herrera-harmonica, guitar, vocals
Jerry Angel-drums
Curt Fletcher-guitar
Doug Mug-bass


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