May 17, 2015

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury 1974

We got here more than 3 hours of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young music. They were the headline act of the "New York Summersault '74", a concert that was held on a racetrack located in the town of Westbury and gathered a crowd of around 75,000.
Jesse Colin Young opened the event followed by The Beach Boys and Joni Mitchell that also sang with CSNY in several of their songs.

Sound Quality: 9-

Source: Soundboard/Audience

Track List:
01 Love The One You're With
02 Wooden Ships
03 Immigration Man
04 Helpless
05 Military Madness
06 Johnny's Garden
07 Walk On
08 Almost Cut My Hair
09 Teach Your Children
10 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
11 The Lee Shore
12 Time After Time
13 Southbound Train
14 Another Sleep Song
15 Our House
16 Hawaiian Sunrise
17 Long May You Run
18 Ambulance Blues
19 Old Man
20 Change Partners
21 Myth Of Sysiphus
22 You Can't Catch Me - Word Game
23 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
24 Deja Vu
25 First Things First
26 Don't Be Denied
27 Black Queen
28 Revolution Blues
29 Pushed It Over The End
30 Pre Road Downs
31 Carry On
32 Sugar Mountain
33 Ohio

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waterlilys said...

It was Sept 8, 1974 a month after Nixon resigned. It was a really hot steamy day, enormous crowd, it was jam packed. A lot of us spread out on the middle grassy section had thoughts of how it must have been somewhat like this at Yasgur's farm 6 yrs before. The music, the vibe, the smell of grass pervaded your senses all day - it was fantastic. It was in fact, our Woodstock.
CSN&Y played for almost four hours! Joni Mitchell joined with them along with her segment. They were great, they did not disappoint. The Beach Boys, Jesse Colin Young played earlier. But the best by far was CSN&Y.
I'll never forget the announcement overhead that Pres Gerald Ford had pardoned Richard Nixon a low rumble of "boo" spread through the crowd. We knew then "I'm not a crook" Tricky Dick would never come to justice. It made thier playing of "Ohio" all the more poignant. This day epitomized my memories of that time... the politics, the war, the counterculture, and oh the music... all came together in that mass of humanity that warm summer evening. I'll never forget it.
I was 22.