May 23, 2015

Black Crowes Live NY 1990

R.I.P. The Black Crowes, legendary Southern rock band announces breakup  (January 2015)

The band formed in the late ’80s and in 1990 released their first album, Shake Your Money Maker, featuring the hits “Hard to Handle” and “She Talks to Angels”. They released eight other records over the course of their career; their last album of new material was 2009’s Before the Frost…Until the Freeze, with the following year seeing the release of Croweology, an album of acoustic reworkings from their back-catalog. A live album, Wiser for the Timecame out in 2013, and the band had since undertaken a live archive series. There’s no word on if the series will continue after the split.

Great concert here, great sound even if the rip is at 192 kbs




La Piazza Gancio said...

That was a helluva debut. Nice to hear a gig from that era!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Do you have any other ones from the 1990-91 timeframe? In particular, there's one titled "Black 'n' Blue".

Rippin Frog said...

cant find a link for B&B or others from those years
i have the official release radio show of their second album
Black Crowes July 5th 1992- World Broadcast Special

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the offer man. I actually have that one already. Their 92 ones seem to be a little easier to find than the 90-91 stuff. Thanks again though.