June 11, 2014

James Harman X 3

Next posts will be focused on Blues starting with 3 shows by James Harman.
It's a Rippin' Frog presentation for Soundaboard.

Live at KUNI-FM Cedar Falls 1985


JULY 19, 1988

Recorded with
Nakamichi CM300s and Sony D5
Sony stand alone
EAC/WAV/Flac level 8

Music journalist Tony Russell described Harman as an "amusing songwriter and an excellent,
unfussy blues harp player"
Harman performed as a blues harmonica player and singer in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere before
moving to southern California in the 1970s. There, his Icehouse Blues Band played alongside Big Joe Turner, John Lee Hooker,  Freddie King, Muddy Waters, Albert King, B. B. King, T-Bone Walker, Lowell Fulsom, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, and Albert Collins.[3] In 1977 he formed the James Harman Band. Over the years their line-up has included Phil Alvin and Bill Bateman, who left in 1978 to form The Blasters; Gene Taylor, who departed in 1981, also to join  the Blasters before moving on to The Fabulous Thunderbirds; and Kid Ramos. Alumni also included the late Hollywood Fats who, after leaving his own band in 1980, played alongside Harman for five years.
Harman became known as a skilled, reliable musician, whether for a backing band or leading his own ensemble. His band recorded several albums during the 1980s, before settling in 1990 at Black Top Records.
Numerous Harman songs have been used in films and on television, including "Kiss of Fire" (from Those Dangerous Gentlemen), which was on the soundtrack of The Accused. Harman has received
several W. C. Handy Blues Award nominations, for songs on his own releases and on other artists' albums. He has been inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and received the "Best Blues Album of the Year"  award from the Real Blues magazine.
James Harman blues artist since 1962, 31 releases as of 2013, tours 28 countries every spring, summer and fall. He is most likely playing somewhere today !!
Dont miss him if he is in your neighbourhood!


James Harman Band

1996 Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland OR
July 5, 1996
recorded from KBOO FM Broadcast - 56 MINUTES

01. Torgueflite 727
02. Too Right To Run
03. Crazy By Degrees
04. Mad 'Bout Something
05. Swamp Night
06. Allright Now
07. The Four Questions #1
08. Modern Numbers Game
09. I Declare

James Harman - vocals, harmonica
Robert "Sugarboy" Easton - guitar
"Butcherknife" Joe Leone - bass
Ronnie Mack - drums



Anonymous said...

these great recordings were sent to me by a couple good people i do share the same passion for the Blues like me.
Enjoy !!
Rippin Frog

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rippin Frog and Soundaboard! The blues are always appreciated by this follower.


Anonymous said...

p.s. Here's the track list for the KUNI show (according to the file names).

Thanks again for the great Blues!


Cedar Falls, Iowa
April 8,1985

01 My Confession
02 Too Much Family
03 Poor Boy
04 Goatman Holler
05 You Says You Love Me Baby
06 Telephone Blues
07 Keep Your Business to Yourself
08 Snatchin' it Back
09 I'll Keep What I Got
10 Jump My Baby
11 Love Jungle

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Dr G gld you like the stuff !!
we are all on a mission... from God LOL
Rippin Frog

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Is there any chance to have these files re-upped? Thanks in advance.

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rocdoc said...

i DL'd the 3 you re-upped here, brought to james harman by an incredible 1990 harman show that sugarmegs has on its site, with mick taylor as guest...taylor is incredible there, tho i also really liked what the 2nd guitar on that show, joel foy, played.
he didn't play too long with harman, 2-3 years i guess.

i was wondering if maybe he's on that boston 1988 show which (cough) you didn't post up again?
if you still have it, maybe that one could get a re-post too?

but again, thanks so much for these 3!

Rippin Frog said...

ill reload james harman later this week

Rocdoc said...

thank you, rippin frog!

took me a little while to get back, but it's appreciated!

harman is fantastic.
have you listened to that one i mentioned, w mick taylor?

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Any chance for a new reup? Thanks

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