June 13, 2014

Howlin' Wolf - Live in Denver 73

There was a request asking for Howlin' Wolf music and our friend Rippin Frog managed to get this show here, one more time big thanks to the 'frog.

Howlin' Wolf (a/k/a Chester Burnett) was one of the true originals of the blues. His recordings for Sun and Chess from the 1950's until his death in 1976 are among the finest Chicago blues recordings of all time. Few vocalists possess the power and passion of Howlin' Wolf.
This concert is with eddie shaw and his band   unfortunately Howlin wolf is only on the last few tracks  stilll  a great set!!
Anyone looking for the Wolf live stuff I recommend Howlin Wolf Live in Cambridge Ma 1966 and Live in Europe 1964 you cant go wrong with these ! there is a couple other bootlegs like Live Key Largo's, Chicago (2-23-69) but sound quality of these is poor at best if anyone interested I guess i could load at some point.

Rippin Frog



Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job again, AtticRock n RF! The whole set just jumps along. Here's the track list from the file names (with correction to track 6, the Ray Charles classic). Thanks so much and more Blues, please!


01 Talk to My Baby
02 I Can't Stop Loving You
03 Your Love is Creeping Away From Me
04 Baby Workout
05 How Blue Can You Get
06 What'd I Say
07 Little Red Rooster
08 Goin' Down Slow
09 Killing Floor
10 Shake for Me

Leroy Slim said...

Hello Rippin Frog, I would very much appreciate listening to Howlin Wolf Live in Cambridge Ma 1966 and Live in Europe 1964. Thank you! ~Leroy

Anonymous said...

tanxs, love your blog since a long years ago...

Anonymous said...

the cambridge and live in europe (also called live in germany in newer reissues) one are official releases so cant be posted here

but http://www.israbox.com/1146500000-howlin-wolf-rockin-the-blues-live-in-germany-1964-2003.html
there is also awesome B&W video of the whole show
torrent for cambridge here

Rippin Frog