April 4, 2011

Helloween - 1986 Gelsenkirchen FM

Received this share by email from Jopopoe, thanks a lot!
It's a concert from the first years of Helloween, live at the Sportparadies in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, their homeland.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

1 - Happy Helloween/Ride The Sky
2 - Gorgar
3 - Victum of Fate
4 - Reptile
5 - Judas
6 - Guardians
7 - Heavy Metal (is the Law) (incl - Bass Solo)
8 - Metal Invaders

FLAC (Track by track)

FLAC (All tracks in one archive)


Anonymous said...

songs are individual tracks (download one at a time) and huge, obviously, being flac.

i guess that's cool as i only wanted 3 of those tunes anyway.


Anonymous said...

cannot dl track 4 reptile ???

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this & all that you share. Track 9 "error" cannot dl.


marc said...

cannot dl track 4 reptile also

jopopoe said...

I've just downloaded all 9 tracks without any error, so the problem must be on your side.