January 29, 2010

Mountain - Closing The Fillmore East

Our mate Jordan brought us an offer no one should refuse, Mountain live at the Fillmore East, it's called Closing The Fillmore East and the date is 6-28-71.

Track List:

01 - Intro
02 - Never In My Life
03 - Theme For An Imaginary Western
04 - Jam/Roll Over Beethoven
05 - Dreams of Milk and Honey
06 - Silver Paper
07 - Mississippi Queen
08 - Outside of the Fillmore
09 - Nantucket Sleighride


FLAC Link (version without the two last tracks)


Luis Rush said...

Hello Attick! How are you ?

Could you tell about the quality of sound of this boot ?

Tks a lot!

AtticRock said...

I think a 9 would be ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi Attic
I have this one,it´s fine,9 it´s ok
I try to get the covers but Megaupload tell that are indisposable
Keep on rockin´

AtticRock said...

Ok waldyr, there's an alternative link to the covers.

Anonymous said...

any chance of putting this up in flac or another lossless format >

AtticRock said...

I will try to do it in the next days.

bob said...

Hi Attic!!
Could you reupload this post, thanks in advance!!

AtticRock said...

Hi, I'm sorry but can't seem to find this one.