January 14, 2010

Alice Cooper - Long Island 1972

The infamous Alice Cooper is back aboard with a killer show from his early career.
A good but incomplete recording from the North-American Killer tour, live at the Commack Arena in New York.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

01 Intro
02 Be My Lover
03 You Drive Me Nervous
04 Yeah Yeah Yeah
05 Eighteen
06 Halo of Flies
07 Dead Babies
08 Street Fight/Intro to Killer
09 Killer
10 School's Out
11 Is It My Body



redruM said...

Thank you!

Jobe said...

Very nice. Thank-You

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this old Alice Cooper show. One of the better
sounding shows from this era that
I've heard. The original band
was noticeably looser and sloppier
in concert than the hired musicians
of later years, but in some ways more livelier and fun. But even back in 1972 the set list and song arrangements were pretty much fixed.


Anonymous said...

Great boot!
Thank you very much!

Keith Michards said...

Very good !!!