September 8, 2009

Iron Butterfly - Galaxy Club 1967

More psychedelia aboard now with Iron Butterfly recorded at the Galaxy Club,
North Hollywood in 1967.
One year before the In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida release, most songs were taken from Heavy, their first album. This is something I wouldn't call easy listening, but I sure like it :)

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

01 - Real Fright
02 - Possession
03 - Filled With Fear
04 - Fields Of Sun
05 - It's Up To You
06 - Gloomy Day To Remember
07 - Got To Ignore Evil Temptions
08 - So-Lo
09 - Gentle As It May Seem
10 - Lonely Boy
11 - Iron Butterfly Theme
12 - You Can't Win




Weekend Hippie said...

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

i like your blog, great music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I give you some more links:


Anonymous said...

Hi Attic
Amazing Iron Butterfly
Many thanks
keep on rockin

MisterManiac said...

This looks very interesting. I always found IB to be hit-or-miss, but from a historical perspective, this should be pretty good listening. Haven't listened to it yet, but definitely going to give it a try. Also, big thanks for posting in both MP3 and lossless.

Anonymous said...

this is real good!

gypsymuse said...

Demnme why does the first shn file keep locking up most I can get is 20% the last 6 tries 2 or 3% and I it just STOPS well it keeps saying files are transferring but in a half hour it doesn't progress at all!

SOS Help please!
I DO like Iron Butterfly and I'd like to get the high quality file rather than MP3!

Help please Attic I don't know what is going on!


AtticRock said...

Hi Gypsy-Beth, here's my guess: You are probably trying to access the files without having the download complete. You see, the files are divided in two parts, and both are needed in the same location after being downloaded.
Then, and assuming you're using WinRar select part 1
and choose 'extract here' with the right-hand mouse button. The folder
with the music files is created and all files should be extracted.
Hope that helped.

gypsymuse said...

No I cannot get it to Download at all! it stops at 2% - 22%.....Nothing like seeing 8 min to go for a half hour and still at 3% done for that half hour.

I was wondering if the file had become corrupted somehow?!

I'll give it a few more whirls tonight and see if I can suceed. keep the fingers crossed that I hit a goofy planet allignment last nite!~Please GOD I'd really like to get my hands on this show

the second part and the mp3 files dropped just fine.

gypsymuse said...


I think it was about 15 tries over 3 days but 9:35 min....kept staring at the computer and praying and encouraging it


Now to figure out what to do with a SHN file!
....don't worry I can search and read and figure it out don't know if nero6.6.1.6 can deal with them!

Now to see what mayhem and mischif I can get into on the puter! Only had one terminal wig out and have a nervous breakdown on me today at hopefully the electronics are done having fits around me!!! PLEASE GOD!!!

But thanks Attic

gypsymuse said...

Well I was In Luck
God Watches over Little Childen, Fools & Ships Named ENTERPRISE...

the perogram I downloaded that could split sound files...and trim off JUNK....

Guess What is had a Format Converter!! GRIN!!

jsut reinstalled it last week to split the Asia Friday the 13th show and when I clicked on the SHN file to open them up it popped up!

OK well gave it a whirl and got track 2 over to wave.
Tried again and somehow got the Asia Audio in .... Ok Not quite right & couldn't figuer out how to to get back to that....Later I found the BATCH CONVERTER BUTTON!....Well....I never claimed to be a genius! NOD! but reopened it and got it all converted and

We now have a nice CD!@!@!@!

you can definately tell where Inna Godda Devida came from listening to this show!

Just wish that the vocals were a little more perdominant!


Anyone want to work on a ASIA Show
need to knock down the bass and bring up the Talking Vocals!
To much security to play with my recorder! SIGH
Really wish Being Wired at a Show wasn't something you could go to Jail for!

Hope I dinna have you shaking your head to much at me!

heres the link to the Wave Pad program...the free version is definately limited but till I get to extra cash at least it's helpful to a point but it does WORK!~

Peter said...

I would absolutely love to get a copy of this early Iron Butterfly, but alas it's on Megaupload, and has been shut down. PLEASE, could you re-up it on another carrier??? Peter (Sydney).

Anonymous said...

Hi Atticrock,
can you repost lossless?

AtticRock said...

You got it!