March 5, 2009

Free - Bracknell Sports Center 1972

A great recording with the Heartbreaker (the last Free album) lineup, a show that Kossof did not miss due to his drug problems, unlike some others from this tour.
This has been circulating with the name "Revenge of the Heartbreaker".

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:

01 - Heartbreaker
02 - I'm On The Run
03 - Soldier Boy
04 - Child
05 - Every Day I Have The Blues
06 - Come Together In The Morning
07 - Wishing Well
08 - Seven Angels
09 - Fire And Water
10 - All Right Now
11 - The Hunter



Anonymous said...

Just listened "Straight Shooter",only one way to follow it...
Many Cheers! Mr A.T.Rockman,

Anonymous said...

could you put the proper line up pic to this album. it should be kossoff, rogers, kirke, bundrick and yamachi

AtticRock said...

If you can send it to me I'll be happy to change it.

bob said...

Many thanks for this rarity!!!

Anonymous said...

Link seems to be taken down. thank you for sharing!

chessman said...

link is gone

Anonymous said...

Hello, any chance to get this show ? Merci beaucoup !

AtticRock said...

Links working now!