January 20, 2009

News aboard!

First of all, Titus, a regular contributor of Soundaboard has resigned :) He decided to go solo, I invite everybody to check out his project here, it's cool stuff:As you - regulars here - know, Titus has done quite an impressive work on uploading and sharing stuff so naturally the lack of his posts will be noticed. Particularly with the prog-rock fans.
For me the compromise assumed here, in my very first post, still remains valid. However I can't promise more than 3 or 4 shows every week maintaining Soundaboard quality standards and a natural emphasis on the Classic Rock side of music of course.
I plan on doing some changes, mostly visual, on the next weeks. As always comments and suggestions are very appreciated.
It has been almost two years since this project started and I'm still enjoying the ride.
I hope you too!


Anonymous said...

LOve your blog, keep up the great work. Bent

Titus said...

I love your blog too!
And thanks for all your help, support & encouragement. I may yet need more of all three!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great sharing.
Thanks to Titus too and definitely will check his blog too !
Keep on with this great gifts to the community !


Anonymous said...

Farewell and thanks, Sir Titus!
You brought us many treasures.

Anonymous said...

Hello thanx for all.
I'm ready to give you some
post .Yesterday i post at "Dino and tunz World Blogspot" , but now the blog is out. If you want.....

AtticRock said...

Thanks for the offer Rene.
Just send me the details by email.