February 8, 2007


Hello and welcome aboard on my new blog. From now on the majority of the downloads will be posted here, not on "Rock No Sótão" where i will continue to publish some articles about my Rock memories.
I decided to create " Soundaboard" in order to share with you some great Rock music shows and rarities that i have been finding on the web. This will be the place for recordings that were never supposed to be on tape, on reel, on vinyl, on CD, on ...your computer.
Most of the times the files will be on MP3, occasionally on FLAC or SHN depending on the size of the stuff, anyway i'll try to share only recordings with a minimum of quality.
All collaborations are welcome, i also encourage you to visit some other great blogs that share very good recordings, just check my link list.
English is not my native language so i am sorry for any errors on the writing of posts... i think that what really matters is the music... so i hope you enjoy :)
I will be receptive to requests but please do so by email.
Comments are always very welcome.


Meester Music said...

Just stumbled across your most excellent blog!

Good luck, and looking forwards to more great posts.

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Love more and more to come around to your blog with exactly Great Quality Bootlegs !

Thanks a lot for sharing your music

Derek from Paris

Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great Music, Great selection at bargain basement prices! Keep spreadin' the tunes.

Coyote Bill

AtticRock said...

I deeply appreciate all your comments.
Thanks for coming here.

Dino said...


JAJBlog said...

Please reconsider in posting high quality material only under lossless format (shn,flac) which is the only format which really make sense and which is appreciated by audiophiles and boots fans. We all know how to convert lossless stuff into lossy format if really necessary (???). Thanks.


AtticRock said...

Hi JAJBlog
Your opinion will be considered but as you know files in lossless format are much bigger in size, thus making every upload a task that will take much more time due to my slow upload bandwidth.
Besides I don't really know if the majority of people that came here will prefer that to MP3 but I will make a poll about that soon.
Thanks for the input.