January 3, 2009

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Nassau Coliseum 1978

Emerson Lake & Palmer - Nassau Coliseum 1978
FM source (FLAC)

The tormented trio fiddle while Rome burns.
Listen carefully and you can almost hear
the bubble bursting.
I don't expect there will be many downloads
because everybody hates them - right?
Happy new year to all who sup
at the bawdy inn that is soundaboard.

Take a Pebble
Piano Concerto No.1 (1st Movement)
Maple Leaf Rag
Take a Pebble
C'est La Vie
Lucky Man
Pictures at an Exhibition
Tiger in a Spotlight
Watching Over You
Drum Solo
The Enemy God
Fanfare for the Common Man

officially released  on February 22, 2011

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Bud_e_luv_bomb said...

Most excellent. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you´re right,I will download

Anonymous said...

They're not as bad as you make it sound; a little over the top sometimes but really worth listening to, once in a while!

Anonymous said...

This is actually an FM radio broadcast--not soundboard--but we get the idea!

newelectricmuse said...

I don't care if "everybody" hates them - I love 'em! Thanks for this - it's great - they knew how to put on a show!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments guys. I think this is a great show. I never said it was soundboard - the post clearly says FM source.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great posts but I have to ask why Rapidshare? It sucks! Always has in my opinoin...I'm lucky if I can get it to download at 300 speed(and that's when I'm praying to Jesus)when my Megaupload hits up to 1100. Who has time to pick all these different download settings to find the one so Rapidshare goes "faster"?

Anonymous said...

I don't use RS - I agree it sucks. However my boss, Atticrock, has an account there. Your "300 speed" sounds good enough to me though!

Steve28 said...

In the UK, the BBC is showing some old Prog stuff (documentaries etc) and while a lot of positive stuff is being said (for once), absolutely no-one has a good word to say for these ELP guys. Not my cup of tea, but can't really understand the hate. It was the 70's after all !!

Craig said...

Awesome!!!! A garland of martian fire flowers for you, Titus!!! This was the third rock concert I went to - they were magnificent showmen and musicians - but wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with each other. Lake never moved off his Persian rug, but Emerson was a mad man - he drank like a fish on stage. Palmer was UNBELIEVABLE - like Buddy Rich in his prime. A million thanks - this is an AWESOME souvenir!!!!! Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello; I love this band like many other people around...
Can you please post more boots by them or ELPowell?
Roger, Portugal (elpprogster@hotmail.com)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. I never got to see these guys live. I did watch them on the tube when they broadcast the California Jam when I was just a sprout. I loved that spinning piano.

Anonymous said...

Steve - I have the prog at the BBC footage & documentary. I was amazed by how many clips were new to me. I thought I had everything, but you never do!
Craig - thanks for the garland - I'll put it with the others.
Roger - I don't think I have any more shows that are good enough for soundaboard, but I'll keep looking.
arioch - I have the California jam footage & the spinning piano is indeed amazing. I also love the Deep Purple set & what bits of the Sabbath I've seen are also great. That was one hell of a day! I wish I'd been there.

kansas100 said...

Happy New Year to you Titus.But you couldnt be more wrong.If E.L.P.Announced a world tour tomorrow,it would be sold out in time flat.As they did in the 92 tour.Thanks for the up-load.I'm looking forward to this.Thanks.

Scion said...

Considering the ENORMOUS popularity of ELP from 1970-1977, and the TREMENDOUS quality of their material during that period, and their status as one of THE BEST of the prog-rock/classical-rock groups, I have to larf at any criticisms of them besides their somewhat personalities. The albums up to and including WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS ... are classics of the genre.

Anonymous said...

Very very very very great !

Thank you Thank you Thank you !


gdfox said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, am I here the only girl among you geezers, who like this absolutely phenomenal group? :) When I heard them the very first time I fell in love immediately. And this love will last, I think ...
Thank's very much for the upload, really appreciate it!

josephine said...

no one plays like this 3 guys..
their greatest thing is to make world know that rock music was not a few junkies screaming but gigantic players that could be in deal with the highest jazz and classic performers...they plays Mussorgsky Prokofiev and Ginastera in their gigs and also plays with a full orchestra...who did that before or after???just give a listen guys. ..no one plays like 'em

Taborlin said...

Could you re-up this bootleg, please?
Thank you, very much

AtticRock said...

This was officially released.

DeRater said...

Too bad this is missing!

2. It is in the sidebar list.