December 3, 2008

Roy Harper - Bloomsbury Theatre, London 1993 The Second Night

Roy Harper (with Nick Harper)
Bloomsbury Theatre, London 1993
The Second Night (FLAC)

Here's the second Bloomsbury show.
Roy has guitar tuning problems
both real & imaginary.
This is more the Roy I know!

Another Day
Waiting for Godot
The Methane Zone
Evening Star
On Summer Day
Me & My Woman
The Fourth World
Jack of Hearts
Cardboard City
Highway Blues
The Tallest Tree
Miles Remains
Same Old Rock
One Man Rock & Roll Band
Hallucinating Light
Guitar Man

part 1

part 2

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Anonymous said...

Where's HPD these days? I breathe therefore I exist or somert like that MAN? surfing or summitin, bin around ant ya (bet ya wear glasses even though tha dussent need um)
TBM cum on an try 't' stick summert in mi!

Anonymous said...

Are you using this comment section to pass coded military secrets to the Kremlin?

Ailis said...

Titus, thanks a lot for two wonderful nights :)))

Anonymous said...

No just replying to aprevoius comment

Anonymous said...

Two nights of Harper, Who could ask for more? Sheer Pleasure. Thanks, Cheers and All of The Best.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Has my bro gone completely Insane?????

Anonymous said...

NA, futang futang ole biscuit barrel,hanky on ma head an pencils up the nose.

Anonymous said...

That`s a relief! Thought you`d gone Potty for a minute!!!

Anonymous said...

More Harper please!

AtticRock said...

Check Titus place, he's got more Roy Harper there.

Anonymous said...

Broken links unfortunately !!

Anonymous said...

Please , Please upload part 2 again.
Much appreciated
Tom Tiddler

Complete Unknown said...

yes, please re-upload part 2.

Anonymous said...

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