November 16, 2008

Titus Triple Bill: Slade, Grand Funk, The Runaways

Young Vic Theatre
London, England
April 24th 1975 (FLAC)

I remember buying Slade Alive when I was
just a kid and being amazed (and at first disappointed)
by how different they sounded compared to their
Top of the Pops persona. That string of hit singles forever
skewed the fact that they were actually a proper rock band.
I saw them at one of the early Donington festivals and
they brought the proverbial house down.

01. Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing
02. The Bangin' Man
03. Gudbuy T'Jane
04. Far Far Away
05. Thanks for the Memory
06. How Does It Feel
07. Just a Little Bit
08. Everyday
09. OK Yesterday Was Yesterday
10. Raining in My Champagne
11. Let the Good Times Roll
12. Mama Weer All Crazee Now

Part 1

Part 2


Grand Funk
The Forum, Los Angeles, CA
June 2nd 1974 (mp3 192)(sorry! - still sounds good)

Not a band I'm that keen on/knowledgable about.
I like the Good Singin'/Good Playin' album but must
confess it is the Zappa production & guest guitar solo
which first attracted me to it. I know they were
very popular in the USA during the seventies.

1 Footstomping Music
2 Rock & Roll Soul
3 Heartbreaker
4 Shinin' On
5 The Loco-motion
6 We're An American Band
7 T.N.U.C.
8 Inside Looking Out

MP3 (320)


The Runaways
The Agora, Cleveland, USA.
19th July 1976 (mp3 192 again)

As a fully paid up member of the Kim Fowley
fan club - the runaways are essential listening.
I view this recording as an important
historical document. I know I shouldn't
but I really dig the slightly dodgy drumming.

01 - California Paradise
02 - Cherry Bomb
03 - Take It Or Leave It
04 - Secrets
05 - You Drive Me Wild
06 - C'Mon
07 - Blackmail
08 - Wild Thing
09 - Don't Use Me
10 - Rock And Roll
11 - Is It Day Or Night
12 - Johnny Guitar
13 - Dead End Justice


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Jonty said...

Thanks a lot for the Slade and Grand Funk railroad gigs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lossless gigs you have posted here.The Slade boot is a real rocker in excellent SBD quality.Slade always sounded better live than on LP.At times one can really see where ACDC got their inspiration. Z

Cuddlybear said...

Many thanks to you Attic Rock ( and Titus too ) for providing this Slade concert and in lossless format as well.

God bless and take care.

Michael ( Northern Ireland )

Sunday 19th April 2009 19.35pm

Claudião said...

Thanks a lot.
In lossless is great.

Anonymous said...

Grand Funk is Great

Here is another great Concert:

AtticRock said...

Thanks for these, of course it's the same show that I shared here but judging by the number of files the lossless version right?

rickyn58 said...

wild I wuz at this runaways concert

Anonymous said...

i know i know slade and the runaways, but i can't picture a single one of the songs listed for either. :(

now, the grand funk is right up my alley. practically grew up as next door neighbors to them in michigan.

as popular as they were, i don't think they ever received the proper recognition they should have still.

as usual, awesome posts.

thank you

kobilica said...

GRAND FUNK is one of the best US band from the seventies.Many thanks...