December 20, 2007

Grand Funk Railroad: Tokyo 1982

This is a concert from the Japanese tour after the release of Grand funk Lives, an album that was the comeback for Grand Funk Railroad in the early 80's.
They sold millions of records in the seventies and had a strong reputation live. This recording does show us that the energy is still there but i guess the times were different and they weren't very successful in this reunion.

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:

01 Footstompin' Music
02 Paranoid
03 No Reason Why
04 Queen Bee
05 Closer To Home
06 Heartbreaker
07 Mean Mistreater
08 We're An American Band
10 Inside Looking Out
11 Locomotion
12 Gimme Shelter
13 We Got To Get Out Of This Place



Anonymous said...

Hi tese files are encrypted and a password is necessary. How can I get it?

AtticRock said...


The password is always at the end of the posts.
In this case it is:

AtticRock said...

A little more summer cleaning :)

Anonymous said...

Grand Funk from 1974 Forum has been removed. Can you please repost? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a good soundin boot!
I have all GFR albums on vinyl and they're one of my favorite bands of all time. If you have other GFR boots in the 70s aside from Hawaii 1971 please post.
Riki Castillo - Philippines