September 22, 2008

Serj Tankian - Eifel 2008

The enigmatic Serj Tankian performing a selection of his trademark angular
anthems in front of an enthusiastic German crowd.Some may know him best as
the voice of System of a Down but here he is promoting his latest solo
album. He even throws in a dash of Dead Kennedys. I think Serj is a brave
and ambitious singer & a very original song writer. I've added a second
disc with some German T.V. footage and a bonus clip of Mr. Tankian
combining his talents with those of Tom Morello who is known for his work
with Rage Against the Machine & Audioslave.

Disc 1 (CD) in FLAC

01. Intro
02. Empty Walls
03. Feed Us
04. Lie Lie Lie
05. Saving Us
06. Baby
07. Sky Is Over
08. Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
09. Honking Antelope
10. Holiday in Cambodia
11. Beethoven's Cunt
12. Crowd
13. The Unthinking Majority

Disc 2 (DVD)

Sky Is Over
Empty Walls
Serj Tankian & Tom Morello
'Lazarus on the Down'
(Reading 2008) T.V. studio

New Links: (05, March 2009)

Serj disc 1 CD

Serj disc 2 DVD

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Anonymous said...

I'm not really a fan of SOAD, but I am very interested to hear Serj's solo stuff. I've heard him do "Holiday IN Cambodia" w/Foo Fighters before and loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments abe,
I'm quite new to Serj/SOAD. I have a video collection & the new solo album. I will be checking out the back catalogue soon!
BTW can anyone give me any info on the first track('Intro')on this show?

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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