June 22, 2008

Steely Dan - Rainbow Logic 74

To slow down things a little Titus brings us a band that i confess didn't knew much, but after hearing this I became really interested in their work: Steely Dan.

Steely Dan
Rainbow Theatre, London
May 20th 1974
From a radio broadcast

Excellent early Dan with blistering guitars
from Denny Dias & Jeff 'skunk'Baxter.
It's coffee-table jazz rock
& I love it!

The Boston Rag
Do It Again
Brooklyn(Owes the Charmer Under Me)
King of the World
Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Pretzel Logic
Dirty Work
Your Gold Teeth II
Reelin' in the Years
Show Biz Kids
This All Too Mobile Home

'My Old School' was also played but it had a large chunk missing out of the middle, possibly a tape flip, so it is not included here. I found it annoying & also realised that without it the show would fit on one CD.
mp3 at 192kbps
(that's how I got it so should be OK even if your name is Bruce or Sheila)
My fantastic artwork is, as always, included.

Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Come on Attic, surely every muse' head has got AJA in their collection, probably one of the top albums of all time
Titus' Best mate.

Anonymous said...

Titus, stop being modest it's just so unlike you
Mind you th'art work is up to par as usual
Cheers, your Best Mate.

AtticRock said...

Hi Titus' Best mate, I'm completely ignorant in Steely Dan matters, I've heard their first Can't Buy a Thrill (very good) and I presume AJA is another one to look for.

Anonymous said...

Certainly is, but I'd go for the lot,all 11 of them plus Becker and Fagin's solo stuff.
Great you replied so soon and I look forward to more music banter
Cheers! Titus'Best Mate (TBM)from now on.

AtticRock said...

Ok TBM, but I'll go with one at a time :)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! insane levels of musicianship on display with this band. Thank you very much

Gunboy 3 said...

Thanks for the posting...on the other Steely Dan concert, from Irvine Meadows. I can't get the first winrar to download completely. It aborts itself. Any suggestions?
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I'm disapponited. 192kps is not quite up to snuff in the quality dept. I'd sooner have something of better quality spread over 2 cd's. However, this site is great, keep up the great effort

Titus said...

This show sounds great. If i'd waved & FLACed it and told you it was lossless I'm sure most people would have believed me. Just listen to the music, don't worry about the bit rate. Re the Irvine Meadows show: just keep trying. I find it's better at night. So try late at (your) night.

normski said...

thank you so much for the SD Irvine 94. Thought I had it, but this kicks the arse out of what I had. This is a truly excellent show. Do not miss it if you dig SD.

My Prostate Cancer said...

Titus, I have "My Old School" from this recording, if you want it. Just send me an email.

Bill D

DSB said...

They never played "All Too Mobile Home" after this tour. Priceless track!

Alyn Smith said...

The SD Irvine Meadows show is fantastic - thanks so much Attic...another terrific show for the collection, brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely treasures on this blog. Thanks a metric ton for uploading them.

Anonymous said...

Any chance the Steely Dan
Rainbow Theatre, London
May 20th 1974 show can be reupped.I get a deceptive site message when trying to download it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-up...