April 27, 2008

Kim Mitchell - Oshawa 1984

We have had Max Webster on this post, now it's time to hear a show from Kim Mitchell, former lead singer and guitarist from Max, in the same year he released the acclaimed Akimbo Alogo, his first solo LP.
This was recorded for broadcast on The Big Ticket, a program from the Canadian music television channel MuchMusic so expect excellent quality although not the complete show. A great performance, in the Max Webster's line of quality, that makes me wish i had the complete concert.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: TV Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Accident of Passion
02 - Misdemeanor
03 - Kids in Action
04 - Rumour Has It
05 - Deep Dive
06 - That's a Man
07 - Words to Words
08 - Lager & Ale
09 - Go For Soda
10 - The Party-Beyond the Moon


Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'll give this one a go. I really like Max Webster. Caught them live once supporting Rush in 1978. Not as into Kim's solo stuff but 'Akimbo Agogo' was good & my best mate loves him.

Oscar the Groucho said...

Ahhhh - More High Class at Soundaboard - thanks! I was at this gig, but never heard it again until now :-).

Cheers and thanks for the memories. And thanks for all you great posts! I wish I could download more of them, but I can't get a rapidshare account (no credit cards), so I have to be very selective.

AtticRock said...

I have Akimbo Alogo on CD, for me it's as good as any Max Webster album.
Thanks for sharing your memories aboard both of you.

boboquisp said...

Kim rules! Great post...thanks. boboquisp

srcstcbstrd said...

Thanks. Sounds great. Just as a side bit of trivia - the announcer's voice you hear is JD Roberts - known today as John Roberts, anchor on CNN.

Anonymous said...

Felt the urge to replace that awful artwork:


AtticRock said...

Hehe I'm sorry, it came with the other files...

Ed the Sock said...

the announcer's voice you hear is JD Roberts - known today as John Roberts, anchor on CNN.

Yeah, it's hard to take the empty-headed pretty-boy ex-VJ seriously on big "news". Then again, he's the epitome what all the major US "news" networks want. If the talking heads could think, they might question the government press releases the'ye given to read and throw a monkey-wrench into the propoganda machine.

Anonymous said...

ed the sock,
you are very cynical.
So that makes two of us.
Never stop questioning the bull they try to feed us!

Anonymous said...

"Lager and Ale" think I might just end up with a mega "Hangover"
For me this and the Max are pure Gold man
Keep them Toronto bands a commin'
Any "Klaatu" anyone?
Many many thanks
Titus' best mate

Anonymous said...

Track 6 error - wrong password. File will not decode

Anonymous said...

KM Rocks!
Just 4 the record:
Kim is from Sarnia, Ontario -
Please reset the password!

AtticRock said...

The password is for you to use to extract the files AFTER the download and it is working fine.

Anonymous said...

I have every Max album and CD. I also have every Kim CD, and now I have a live CD of Kim. Was lucky enough to see the Websters live 4 times, twice supporting Rush @ the Hammy and twice headlining the Marquee club in London. Thanks a million for this gem, can't get enough of this huge talent.