March 21, 2007

Max Webster: 11-11-1977 Ottawa

This band was really good but didn't get the success they deserved, i recommend you to get any album from Max Webster or even any solo album by Kim Mitchell the singer and guitar player. They played a very good mix of classic/art/hard rock.
This is a radio broadcast recording from a concert in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
The sound isn't the best including a few minor cuts, but even so it's a very good concert!

1 High Class in Borrowed Shoes
2 Diamonds, Diamonds
3 Lily
4 Words to Words
5 Summer's Up
6 Rian Child
7 Band introduction
8 Toronto Tontos
9 America's Veins
10 Hangover
11 Only Your Nose Knows

Sound Quality: 8



Meester Music said...

Great post!

Kim Mitchell is now an on-air personality (DJ) at Q-107 in Toronto.

Afternoon shift and can likely be heard on the internet from their website.

he plays lots of great Canadian stuff and has lots of old CDN band guys on for interviews and stuff.

Had a drink with the man during a break in their set at the Knob Hill Hotel in Scarborough back in 76 and he is a fantastic guy!


Oscar the Groucho said...

High Class at Soundaboard - thanks! I probably saw Max 30-40 times in the bars, clubs and arenas in the good ole (Max, Foot, Moxy, Goddo et al) days. Met Kim and the boys (including Pye) on several occasions.

Hey Meester - One on the many times when I was at the Knobbie back then, something really weird happened - a fight didn't break out! Go figure....

AtticRock said...

High class on the comments!
I know about Kim's radio show, i used to listen to it on the internet, really cool.
I confess i only know Kim and Webster's work for about 1 year... since then i bought some cds from them and really like it.
There's a tune Max did with Rush that i consider to be one the best Rock'n'roll songs of all times: Battlescar.

Oscar the Groucho said...

Hi, Atticrock. Battlescar is one of my all-time favorite tracks.

Talas, with Billy Sheehan on bass were from Buffalo New York, which is just a 2-hour drive from Toronto (or a 40 mile swim if you don't want to drive around the lake). In those days Max Webster and Talas used to play the same Canada/US cross-border bar and club circuit in Southern Ontario and upstate New York. I saw Talas several times and bought their first album from them at one of their shows, where I sat 6 feet from Billy. (I'm getting to the point...) Talas did a re-union live album 10 years ago

and last cut is an excellent cover of Battlescar. As it happens, I noticed that the Talas album just got posted yesterday right here



Anonymous said...

Amigo AtticRock, voce teria um album do supertramp chamado Live at the BBC 1977 ?

AtticRock said...

Hi Oscar
I followed your link to the magnificent HRC and downloaded the re-union album from Talas which i only knew from the eighties.
You're absolutely right, it's an excellent cover of Battlescar. I also liked their version of 21st Century Schizoid Man from King Crimson.
Cheers and thanks for the comments.

Olá Loyola
Supertramp de 1977 não tenho mas posso arranjar um de 1975 - BBC Rock Hour.
Se tiver interesse neste diga-me.

Anonymous said...

Muito grato pela sua atenção, Mr. AtticRock, mas esse eu já tenho.
Grande abraço e Ótimo Final de Semana

Anonymous said...

love webster, definitely underrated, were around when i was teenager, still sound great, great songs, head and shoulders better than most.. waterline.. thanks man, aska

Andy said...

I'm pretty sure I was at that concert as I saw Max Webster 3 times in the late 70s in Ottawa, twice fronting for Rush and once on their own...always an exceptional show.

Thanks very much for sharing this rarity...much appreciated!

Cheers from Canada!

KDNYfm said...

Max was one of the best live acts ever, no matter where I saw them in the Hamilton/toronto area! High Class in Borrowed Shoes one of the great rock albums of all times.
thanx for the opportunity to hear some live Max from Days of yore!

Anonymous said...

The rendition of Lily during the chum fm broadcast of Max was my all time favorite tunes to get lost in. That track Never failed to quiet the 67 cougar and inspire to light up another.