March 10, 2008

Steppenwolf - Ride With Me

Live in Gothenburg, Sweden this was released on CD in 1989 by the legendary Swinging Pig label.
Recorded from a concert in the 20h of September 1972, except for track 7 that is from 1981 in NY.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01. Ride With Me
02. Foggy Mental Breakdown
03. Tighten Up Your Wig
04. Monster
05. Magic Carpet Ride
06. The Pusher
07. Sookie Sookie (from 1981)



Anonymous said...

I occasionally provided stuff for my friend Rocket who, I'm sure you know, has decided to end HRC. I was wondering if you would be interested. I am especially into BOC & have a show, which I have remastered, ready to go. T'would be an exclusive for soundaboard!
P.S. No offence taken if you don't want anything.

AtticRock said...

Hi titus

Your offer is much appreciated.
BOC is one of my favorite bands so you're welcome to bring them aboard one more time.
If you wish send me the links and any info you want to give and I'll make a post with all of it.


Anonymous said...

Ok here we go...
Blue Öyster Cult
Harvest Festival
Illinois 2002

Received this in trade. It seemed like a decent recording
but there was very little bottom end & the rhythm
guitar parts were almost inaudible. So I gave it a bit of a
tweak. I've probably overdone the bass
- but then I DO like my bass!
Some songs are quite sloppily played - not their best
ever performance. Listen for the major bass boob just
after the intro of 'Burnin' For You'
But even sloppy Cult is good & they do get it together
in parts. The thing I love most about listening to boots
of this band is that no two shows seem to sound the same.
Artwork is included.

Scion said...

Getting back to Steppenwolf, they, like Thin Lizzy, were always known for the quality of the guitar players in the band.

Hec_The_Wreck said...

Just found your blog and thanks for having this show up,I think it's the only link still alive on the net to it,keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Step72 is asking for a password. Any ideas?

AtticRock said...

You can download now without the need for a password.