March 19, 2008

Foghat - 1984-05-09 - Agora Ballroom,Cleveland

Foghat have some very good studio albums but live they are absolutely incredible.
This is not top quality in sound but sure is in energy.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Source: FM broadcast

Track List:
1 - Fool For The City
2 - My Babe
3 - Eight Days On The Road / Announcer
4 - Stone Blue
5 - Wide Boy
6 - Honey Hush / Announcer / band intros
7 - I Just Want To Make Love To You
8 - Slow Ride / crowd
9 - Mabeline



Conspiracy Theologian said...

Love the Foghat! Thanks for posting this one!


Anonymous said...

Hello AtticRock,
Here's another offering:
Genesis, Cleveland 1976

This is a great sounding show
from the 'Trick of the Tail' tour.
Taken from an FM radio broadcast.
I'm mainly a Gabriel era fan myself.
'And Then There Were Three' just
about scrapes into my collection.

Dance on a Volcano/Lamb Lies Down/
Fly on a Windshield/Carpet Crawlers/
Cinema Show/Robbery, Assault & Battery/
White Mountain/Firth of Fifth/Entangled/
Squonk/Supper's Ready/I Know What I Like
Los Endos/It/Watcher of the Skies


Anonymous said...

Im getting a "File no longer available" message" - any alternative source please?

AtticRock said...

Check back in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

still not available

AtticRock said...

It is now, sorry for the delay.

Anonymous said...

Somehow misses this one...repost possible? Thanks, James

AtticRock said...

It's ok to download now.