May 7, 2007

Rossington Collins Band: New Jersey 1981

This is a show someone requested and that I normally wouldn't put here due to the minor quality of the sound. Anyway the performance is very good and considering there aren't much shows of the Rossington Collins Band around I guess it's nice for all the other visitors to have it here.

Sound Quality: 9

01 - Prime Time
02 - Gonna Miss It When It's Gone
03 - Gotta Get It Straight
04 - Opportunity
05 - Getaway
06 - Seems Like Everyday
07 - Don't Misunderstand Me
08 - One Good Man
09 - band introductions
10 - Means Nothing To You
11 - Free Bird



Bubba said...

Great blog...just linked up to you. I'm going to download this RC show a little later, haven't heard any live stuff from them yet.

AtticRock said...

Thanks, very good blog you have too, i've added it to my favorites :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome concert!

Thanks a ton!

MrDoots said...

Thank You, man, Thats a great blog! This is the first RCB-show I ever listen to, I hope it's a good start.
THank You