March 29, 2007

Roy Buchanan: July 1985

After having a Rory Gallagher show shared here it's time to another great and unfortunately missing guitar player: Roy Buchanan.
Enjoy this fantastic blues show recorded live at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago. I'm not completely sure about the date, it's either 20 or 28 of July, I found a cover on the web that says 28 but I'm not absolutely sure.

Sound Quality: 9

1. intro
2. Short Fuse
3. Green Onions
4. When A Guitar Plays The Blues
5. Dream Lover
6. Mrs. Pressure
7. Peter Gunn
8. Chicago Smoke Shop
9. Blues In E
10. Shuffle Your Brains Out
11. Hey Joe - Foxy Lady
12. Messiah
13. audience
14. Sunshine Of Your Love - Blues Jam



Toxxy said...

Great!! Thx a lot for this one!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. AtticRock, voce teria um album ao vivo do Genesis chamado ( acho ) King Biscuit Flower Hour, Los Angeles 1986 para postar ????
Muito Grato. Vou baixar mais essa maravilha de Roy Buchanan

AtticRock said...

Olá Loyola
Já localizei esse álbum, agora é uma questão de tempo até o colocar aqui, talvez uma ou duas semanas :)

Anonymous said...

Mais uma vez, fico-lhe grato pela (sempre) ATENÇÃO.
Vou aguardar
Bom Domingo e um grande abraço

Anonymous said...


Neroon001 said...

thanks for posting and sharing this one from my all time favorite guitar player

AtticRock said...

His playing was really unique.
I will try to bring more of Roy's music here.

brujo said...

thank you great sound one of my favorite guitarists the most emotional feel player I have ever seen what a shame he isn't still with us .thank you keep up the great work.
regards brujo

AtticRock said...

Thanks for your comments brujo.

Anonymous said...

a friend at work turned me on to this guy.

can't believe i had never heard of him before. he smokes!!

thank you

Anonymous said...

not available. please reup

Pig Street! said...

any way can this reup?

AtticRock said...

It's ok now.

Pig Street! said...

Thanks for the reup