March 19, 2007

Rory Gallagher: London September 1979

The great Rory Gallagher live at The Venue in London. The source was an FM broadcast and the sound is pretty acceptable.
For me this is Rory at his best, i prefer to hear him live and in the Hard-rocking phase of his career. He was one of the greatest, i'm sure his music will live forever!
No covers but here's an image of the ticket that i found on the web!

Sound quality: 8.5

01. Intro
02. Shinkicker
03. Last Of The Independents
04. Keychain
05. Bought And Sold
06. Wayward Child
07. Mississippi Sheiks
08. Out On The Western Plain
09. As The Crow Flies
10. Do You Read Me
11. Philby
12. Philby Reprise
13. Hellcat
14. Cruise On Out



Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was lucky enough to have gone to this gig, along with his shows at The Marquee and St Patricks night at the Lyceum among the best gigs I went to, Thanks again

Meester Music said...

Great posts! Especially Rory Gallagher......fantastic!

Unfortunately I've only recently discovered his genius and too bad we've lost another one. At least these great posts keep his memory alive.

Thanks much....BTW, really dug the Lynyrd Skynyrd post a few days back. Had it pumping out of the stereo the other day.


AtticRock said...

That's cool!
I'm glad you liked it, i promise to bring more Rory aboard :)

loyola said...

Mais um ótimo post. Adoro Rory Gallagher. Fantástico !!!!
amigo atticrock, voce teria um bootleg do genesis chamado Shrine Auditorium, L.A. 1975.01.24. Ele estava postado no, mas foi retirado. Só baixei a parte 1
Obrigado e mais uma vez, PARABÉNS.

AtticRock said...

Loyola lamento mas não tenho esse dos Genesis.
Obrigado pela visita.

Arsenic said...

Wonderful concert, one of the best rory's performance, i'm agree with you.
Amazing songs, very good sound, great form, Rory at this best.
More bootleg of this artist if you can.
Thanks a lot!

AtticRock said...

I have a few more from Rory, sure will post them sooner or later.
Thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT !! Many thanks for sharing !!

kipper said...

Greetings from Ireland. Thank you for the Rory posts , he was a true wonder. Saw him many times and loved every minute of the shows.Thank you again for a wonderful collection

AtticRock said...

Greetings kipper, you're lucky to have such memories of seeing Rory live, and we all are also lucky to hear so many great recordings that he left us.

webmasterpdx said...

I was at this Gig too. I just happened to be working down the road from the Venue as a bartender that summer from University (UCD, Dublin).
I got to see this gig and Zeppelin at Knebworth that year too (another great show).

Chti73 said...

Hi !

I just downloaded it twice today, and there's a CRC error on tranck 14.

I tried with different unzip tools; none help with this error:

Bad block: "Rory Gallagher London September 1979\Track14.mp3"
File fails CRC check: "Rory Gallagher London September 1979\Track14.mp3"

Will you agree to reup it ?

Many thanks ;-)

AtticRock said...

Hi, now I believe it is fine!

Chti73 said...

Hello Attic !

Yes, I can tell you it's fine !

Many thanks for your reactive help.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! My fav guitar player along with Blackmore and Bonamassa.


Anonymous said...

Link is empty, any way to get a copy of this recording?

AtticRock said...

Yes, the link is fine now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this available. Rory was really on top of the game at this time and you can feel the energy from the stage. Rory loved an audience. The quality of the recording is very good. Really worthwhile a listen.