March 6, 2007

Judas Priest: 02-05-1984

Taken from the "Defenders Of the Faith" tour this is the Priest live at the Tingley Coliseum - Albuquerque, New Mexico.
A recording from the King Biscuit Flower Hour archives.

Sound quality: 9 (close to 9.5)


1.KBFH Intro / Love Bites
2.Breakin' The Law
3.Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
4.Rock Hard Ride Free
5.Hellion > Electric Eye
6.Heavy Duty
7.Victim Of Changes
8.Livin' After Midnight
9.(motorcycle intro)
10.Hell Bent For Leather
11.You've Got Another Thing Coming

MP3 (Pass: Soundaboard)



spock_wall said...

otimo post, tive esse show em vinil no final da decada de 80, até hoje tenho ele guardado, mais não tenho mais toca disco. muito bom show, qualidade de som otima, parabens pelo seu blog..

Anonymous said...

Well done again, Brilliant show!!!!!!!

AtticRock said...

Ok obrigado pelos comentários :)

Anonymous said...

Re-up please! I lost this show due to a HD crash. Every other version I've encountered on other blogs sound like crap! Thanks in advance!

AtticRock said...

OK, another link available :)

Anonymous said...

Hi..Any chance of lossles for this one?



AtticRock said...

FLAC share ready to download :)

musicmaven69 said...

Yep, this one too. Great show but both links with dead domains.