March 4, 2007

Johnny Van Zant Band: Live in Illinois

A bit of southern rock with the Johnny Van Zant Band and 2 extra tracks from Rossington Collins Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
This recording is known as "The Last Of The Wild Ones" and the tracks were recorded in the eighties in various locations in USA.

Sound: 8.5


1. Who's Right Or Wrong
2. Can't Live Without Your Love
3. Last Of The Wild Ones
4. It's You
5. Good Girls Turning Bad
6. Hard Luck Story
7. No More Dirty Deals
8. Only The Strong Survive
9. Standing In The Darkness

Bonus tracks:

Rossington Collins Band
10. Free Bird (instrumental version)

Lynyrd Skynyrd (Farm Aid '92)
11. Call Me The Breeze
12. Sweet Home Alabama

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


rick ellington said...

password doesnt work. would really like this is there a different password?

AtticRock said...

Just tested, the pass is correct:

Anonymous said...

I cannot get the password to work on either part 1 or part 2. Also couldn't get Aerosmith 29 August 1975 to work yesterday.

Anonymous said...

ok i tried to type it and copying from the post but it did not work ... ??? BUT i copied it from here in the comments and it works ... ??? funny huh ...


AtticRock said...

Well, I'm glad it worked :)

Luis said...

Only one world :

Thank you wild soutern boy !

Anonymous said...

Attic Rock,
do you have it in lossless?
Thank you

AtticRock said...

You can download it in FLAC now.

Anonymous said...

Could you reup this in mp3 again please

AtticRock said...

It's ok now!

Anonymous said...

thanks Im getting it now

Seattleite said...

Is it possible to get this in Flac again?

AtticRock said...

Links with flac files added.

Seattleite said...

Thanks Much! Appreciate it!