January 13, 2021

Mountain - Davis Park, Rockford, IL 2005

Last December another great musician was gone, but for us not forgotten. 
Leslie West's music will live on and here we have it going back to 2005 with a Mountain show in Rockford, Illinois opening for Deep Purple.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
01. Intro
02. Never In My Life
03. Blood Of The Sun
04. Theme For An Imaginary Western
05. Leslie speaks
06. Crossroads
07. Nantucket Sleighride
08. Mississippi Queen


drogos said...

Yes you're right another great musician passed on but he won't be forgotten having been part of the guy who changed the music world.
May thanks for sharing and the job you do for this blog.
Best regards from France,

Derek said...

It seems like comments are flowing in from France, so thanks for this one, can't get enough of listening to Theme from an Imaginary Western.

I suppose French people have more leisure time to comment :), I wouldn't dare to say they are more polite. Times are a changin,

Derek from Paris :)

AtticRock said...

Yes, Theme from an Imaginary Western is fabulous, I think I first heard it in Woodstock Two, a double vinyl bought many years ago.
Derek, I took a quick look at the blog stats and let me tell you that French visitors are the second in number only surpassed by U.S. and followed by English. German and Japanese readers.
Not really surprising, you guys have been well Rockeducated by your music press since the sixties with Rock & Folk and later with Best, Enfer, Hard Force, etc.

Derek said...

Agree that Rock & Folk still remains a basic stone for all those who appreciate the music you share on your blog. I understand that Soundaboard has the same eclectic appreciation of rock music and that people all over the world are Rockeducated (love the word) by Soundaboard. You truly deserve it.

PS : Was on Woodstock II I discovered that amazing song too.

AtticRock said...

With the powers that I was invested as the founder of Soundaboard, through this, I give you the order of merit as a reward for making the most accurate comments and contributing selflessly in favor of the community.

Derek said...

Blushing now :)

AtticRock said...