November 13, 2019

Freddie King LIVE U of Chicago Folk Festival, Chicago 1969-02

U of Chicago Folk Festival,

Freddie King 
in a spectacular performance!
Near perfect FM recording !
source : WBEZ Chicago


01   Intro
02   San Jose
03   Have You Ever Loved A Woman
04   freddie talking
05   See See Baby
06   Hide Away
07   Play It Cool
08   Sensation
09   Something You Got
10  Radio Outro


ZIPPY             1FICHIER



James David Beebe, Jr. said...

Shame on me for not commenting until I see something wrong to point out. So first of all, THANK YOU for all the good shows I'm getting from here.

This version of this show has a repeat of track 3 for track 5. Announcer in the outro says "See See Baby", but that song isn't on the recording. There's a corrected (and pitch adjusted) version out there (by Goody, 2010).

Ripping Frog said...

thnks for the infos
if i run into aa better version it will be updated!