August 17, 2019

THE Yayhoos LIVE Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1996-06-27

What do you get when you mix ex Georgia Satellites 
 with Joan Jett's ex guitar player?

Great rock stuff !

High quality FM recording  here !

The Yayhoos:

Dan Baird - Guitar & Vocals
Eric "Roscoe" Ambel - Guitar & Vocals
Terry Anderson - Drums, Guitar & Vocals
Keith Christopher - Bass & Vocals


01.  Li’l Bit
02.  Dixie Beauxderant
03.  Song For the Walls
04.  Cumberland River
05.  I Love You Period
06.  Julie and Lucky
07.  Beer Drinkin' Woman
08.  Younger Face
09.  Judas Kiss
10.  Woke Up Jake
11.  Beer Run
12.  Battleship Chains
13.  Keep Your Hands To Yourself
14.  Way Outside
15.  Hush



updated the links and today solidfiles decided to work !


Kurtelvis said...

Solidfiles link is broken. Would love to get more Yahoos and Georgia Satellites.

Kurtelvis said...

Solidfiles link is broken. Would love a re-up. Thanks.

Rippin Frog' stuff said...

hmm not sure why solidfiles wont load it
ill try tomorrow
in the meantime try other host from mirror link they seem to work fine

Rippin Frog said...

there is 5 GS posted here already and we always looking for more ! enjoy

Anonymous said...

Many thanks! Dan Baird is rock and roll's great white hope. He's still knocking them dead in a club somewhere! - Stinky