July 20, 2018

The Temperance Movement - Ride Festival, Telluride, 2017

The Temperance Movement is an excellent blues/southern/hard rock band from the U.K. that has released three albums to date.
Their second one, White Bear, was considered one of the best from 2016 by yours truly, as you can check here,
The third was released on February this year, is called A Deeper Cut and will very likely enter the top ten from 2018. Some tracks from it were played in this show at the Ride Festival in Telluride, Colorado about a year ago (9th July 2017). 
A visit to the TTM official site is strongly advised to find out more and help support this talented band:

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Internet Radio Broadcast

Track List:
01 Intro - Battle Lines
02 Be Lucky
03 Caught In The Middle
04 Love & Devotion
05 Ain't No Telling
06 Pride
07 Midnight Black
08 Only Friend
09 The Way It Was and the Way It Is Now
10 Smouldering
11 Modern Massacre
12 Built-In Forgetter
13 Take It Back
14 Magnify
15 Get Yourself Free


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diamonddave said...

Thanks for TTM - don't see too many of these around - and whole heartdely agree with you. They are one of the best 'new' bands around, and their latest offering (which I think is their best to date) is excellent.