June 22, 2018

Ana Popovic LIVE Au festival de Jazz des Cinq Continents Marseille 2017

 Au Festival de Jazz des Cinq Continents   
Marseille   2017
Master Serbian guitar hottie  delivering
a super performance in Southerm France
with her extended band !

01  Band Intro
02  Can You Stand The Heat
03   Object Of Obsession
04  Love You Tonight 
05   Every Kind Of People
06  She Was A Doorman
07  Long Road Down
08  How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That
09  Johnnie Ray
10   New Coat Of Paint.
11  See What You've Done to Me
12  Show You How Strong You Are




Franck Goldwasser said...

Absolutely, hopelessly worthless trash. You're not doing anybody a favor by endorsing this talentless "Serbian hottie".

Rippin Frog' stuff said...

an opinion well like something else everyone has one ... yours I dont really care for
no one forcing you to get it anyway
aim to pls but hell cant pls everyone ! so bug off LOl

THBBlues said...

I thought this show was a lot of fun with extended band, thanks for posting...appreciate what you do!

analogkid610 said...

I noticed that she also appears in some of the Experience Hendrix concerts. And they are great shows.

mwilson said...

^thanks for the AP