May 12, 2018

Taj Mahal Trio - 2016-07-17 - Blues Peer, Belgium

Blues Peer, Belgium

Great show from a great bluesman! 

Taj Mahal – vocals, guitar
Kester Smith – drums
Bill Rich – bass

01 Intro DJ   (00:30)
02 CC Rider   (07:24)
03 Good Morning Miss Brown   (06:51)
04 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl   (06:12)
05 Done Changed My Way Of Living   (07:14)
06 Paint My Mailbox Blue   (04:51)
07 Queen Bee   (07:00)
08 Bring It With You When You Come  (05:41)
09 Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes   (04:56)
10 Outro DJ   (00:31)
11 Johnny Too Bad (fade-out)*   (06:19)   




muddyw123 said...

TX . Sound is great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for the post. Love Taj. However am having problems with both Zippy and Solidfiles.
I get a notice that says 'an error occurred while trying to expand the file.." Is it me?
Is anyone else having problems with the MP3 files?

Rippin Frog said...

i just got the file here and it does extract just fine...
not sure why you cant!
Rippin F

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ripping Frog. I tried to download Taj Mahal again and got the same error message when
trying to expand the file. I asked a friend to try to download it on his computer and he got
the same error message. I really don't know what's wrong. Too bad. Looks like a great show.

Rippin Frog' stuff said...

then why does it dwl here ? twice?

Rippin Frog said...

and when there is an issue with the post comments pile up in a hurry here so thats a good indecator that its at your end most likely

monsieur jujube said...

excellent! Taj is always a good & authentic blues performer

Anonymous said...

Just curious. Are the people who have successfully download this file using
StuffitExpander so some other program to expend the file? My StuffitExpander seems to
work everywhere else but on this file. Very Puzzling.