May 24, 2018

Jackson Browne - Canadaigua, NY 2009

A Jackson Browne recording combined from 2 sources, this is shared here thanks to Vinegar Joe.

Canadaigua, NY
Constellation Performing Arts Center
August 1st 2009

Taper:   The Producer

Source 1:  Maranz PMD620 > Cool Edit Pro > .wav > Flac
Source 2: 92 peggyo (Tim)

Recording - Matrix IEM /  Aud Feed

Disc One:
01. I'm Alive
02. Barricades Of Heaven
03. I'll Do Anything
04. Fountain of Sorrow
05. Time The Conqueror
06. Off Of Wonderland
07. In The Shape Of A Heart
08. Too Many Angels
09. Doctor My Eyes >
10. About My Imagination
11. Lives In The Balance
12. Going Down To Cuba

Disc Two:
01. Just Say Yeah
02. The Late Show
03. For A Dancer
04. The Pretender
05. Running On Empty
06. I Am A Patriot > It's Your Thing

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


pcblues said...

Hi, Thanks for all the great music here.. any clue why I can not convert this to mp3 ? I use MusicBee converter works 100% all the time.. except mow...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this excellent show.

@pcblues: Use Trader's Little Helper to convert FLAC to mp3. I tried a conversion with one track from this show and TLH converted it no problem.