April 12, 2018

Steve Miller Band 1968-04-28 Carousel Ballroom

 1968-04-28 Carousel Ballroom

I'm posting this one for the historical value   
sound seems to get better as the show goes on  
Might be a 7/10  
but the playing is quite great !

Steve Miller - guitar, vocals
Boz Scaggs - guitar, vocals
Jim Peterman - keyboards
Lonnie Turner - bass
Tim Davis - drums

CD 1:
1. I Got My Eyes On You
2. Born In Chicago
3. Highway Child
4. Fannie Mae
5. Got Love If You Want It
6. Steppin' Stone
7. Blues With A Feeling
8. I Worry About My Baby Too Much
9. Yonders Wall
10. Mercury Blues

CD 2:
1. Living In The USA
2. Blues For The Goldberg/Miller Blues Band a/k/a Song For Our Ancestors
3. Key To The Highway 



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