April 18, 2018

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Smilin' Dog Saloon, Cleveland 1975

Better late than never so finally we have the Atlanta Rhythm Section on Soundaboard!
This great southern rock band was assembled from studio musicians in the early 1970's and had some success in this same decade.
In the beginning of the eighties they were dropped by the record label and with the lack of interest for Southern Rock in general, things got more difficult but they continued to tour and recorded ocassionally.
This show was recorded at the Smilin' Dog Saloon in Cleveland on August 27, 1975.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01. Back Up Against the Wall
02. Who You Gonna Run To
03. Dog Days
04. Angel
05. Doraville
06. Another Man's Woman
07. Help Yourself
08. Boogie Smoogie



Thomas said...

One of my favorite bands! (Their album "A Rock & Roll Alternative" was the first album I ever bought!!)

Thanks so much for sharing this - cheers!

Anonymous said...

massive thanks for ARS, great,great southern band