March 31, 2018

Tom Waits - Cleveland 1977

First time here and rather adequate for this cold easter season or any other time really, it's the iconic Tom Waits.
This was recorded at the Agora in Cleveland on October 25, 1977.

Sound Quality: 9.5+

Source: Pre-FM

Track List:
01. Standing On the Corner
02. I Never Talk to Strangers
03. The One That Got Away
04. Depot Depot
05. Jitterbug Boy
06. Step Right Up
07. Invitation to the Blues
08. Eggs And Sausage
09. Small Change
10. I Can't Wait To Get Off Work



Anonymous said...

Hi AtticRock, both MP3 and FLAC links are the same and at 118MB probably the mp3 one.
Cheers, and immense thanks for the music!

AtticRock said...

Sorry, it's ok now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks... you're a legend!