March 23, 2018

The Doors LIVE 1967

Little Blast from the past here !
Seems to be some confusion on the location of this one. 
Some say it was in San Francisco,
anyhow for the year this is quite a good recording!

Disc One:

1.   My Eyes Have Seen You
2.  Soul Kitchen
3.  I Cant see your face in my mind
4.  People are Strange
5.  When the Music's Over
6.  Money Honey
7.  Who Do You Love?
8.  Moonlight Drive
9.  Summers Almost Gone
10. King Bee
11. Gloria
12. Break On Through
13. Summertime Instrumental

Disc Two:

1.  Backdoor Man
2.  Alabama Song
3.  Light My Fire
4.  The End

5 Get Off My Life, Woman
6.  Close to You Baby
7.  Crawlin' King Snake
8  The Crystal Ship
9.  Twentieth Century Fox  (incomplete)




Anonymous said...

Thank you!
The unknown song is Summertime Instrumental

Anonymous said...

This show is from The Matrix in San Francisco, either March 7 or 10. The Doors didn't play in Detroit until May 11, 1968.