March 7, 2018

Roy Buchanan The Blue Note Boulder, CO 05-24-85

Boulder, CO 05-24-85
Sadly, Buchanan is still fairly unknown to the general public (including scores of guitarists).
Buchanan had a distinctive tone, as can be heard in the live video below. He played his vintage Fender Telecaster through a Fender Vibrolux amp with the tone all the way up (and then some, it seems), using the guitar's volume knob mid-solo to create mesmerizing, keyboard-style effects. Buchanan could play harmonics at will and mute individual strings with his free right-hand fingers while picking or pinching others. He was best known for his gut-wrenching bends and incredibly "pointy" sound. He committed suicide in 1988 at age 48 while in jail for public drunkenness.

Green Onions                       6:35  
Short Fuse                                         3:41
When a Guitar Plays the Blues     5:54
Good Rockin' Tonight     2:51
HonkyTonk                      4:04
Sweet Dreams                      3:30
Night Train                      3:36
Whole Lotta Shakin'                      4:12
Walk Don't Run                      2:17
Peter Gunn Theme                      3:02
Roy's Bluz>                      5:33
// Hey Joe>                      4:08
Foxy Lady                                        6:17
Johnny B. Goode                      4:08  






Anonymous said...

I was in college when I saw him on this tour in a now defunct East coast blues club (R.I.P. Raoul's Roadside Attraction). He fronted a bass & drum combo and could he ever make that Telecaster sing and shriek. His version of "Down by the River" was certainly on par with Neil's, and I'm a huge Neil Young fan. Many thanks.

AtticRock said...

Hey RF where's the " video below."? hehe
Great guitarist Roy was, I still have some of his cds namely Hot Wires.

Jordan Lacombe said...


Necessary Music Productions said...

Many music lovers and other fans feel he was killed by the police, not his own hand.

Fabio Danieli said...

His tone was causedby a "defective" pickup which in theory did not even have to issue sound.
Don Mare make a replica of this pickup... then just the touch, the great soul and musical Skills!
Roy was a Believer, a very religious kind of Person,
I do not think he would ever commit suicide. For me the Greatest guitar player.